Waiting On Winnipeg Jets Tickets

Winnipeg Jets hockey fans that were not one of the luck 13,000 people who were able to secure season tickets, are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy individual game tickets.

The Jets have yet to announce when individual game tickets will go on sale, but you can be sure that hockey fans in Manitoba will be locked onto their computer screens, madly trying to purchase tickets as soon as they are available.

With the MTS Centre in Winnipeg only holding around 15,000, there is estimated to be roughly 2,000 seats available for each game.  When you factor in Mark Chipman’s recent statement that they had 248,000 people attempting to buy season tickets, we can conclude that there will still be a plethora of disappointed people when the remaining seats are released for sale.

Many fans are upset, and rightly so, that some ticket resellers were able to obtain tickets and sell them for a premium on the secondary market. That said, this is nothing new to hockey fans in Montreal, Toronto, or other markets where NHL tickets are a hot item.

While we may not all agree that the secondary market for ticket sale is a good thing. It does give some people the opportunity to purchase tickets for games and seats that they really desire, without having to buy season tickets.

That said, individual Winnipeg Jets ticket prices have been coming down as the season gets closer. In addition, more and more tickets are available as time goes on and the season ticket holders make the decisions on what games they can and cannot attend.

The basic economics of supply and demand, coupled with True North’s strategy of having season ticket holders commit to 3-5 year terms up front, dictate that we could see a strong secondary market for Jets tickets for some time. No other city asks season ticket holders to make long-term commitments like that, and Winnipegger’s took the bait… hook, line and sinker!